Boat excursions in Lampedusa

Here you will find some of the most common question, our guests have asked us before booking. We have tried to put together the 8 most frequent ones in order to describe our offer in a much clearer way.
What we propose to our guests is an extra-ordinary holiday, but we're sure: you'll love it at La Rosa dei Venti - Lampedusa hotel.

  1. Where are we going?
    The route will be discussed and defined in the morning. However, during the week, you'll have the chance to visit some of the most beautiful bays of the island.
  2. Is the boat comfortable?
    The boat is about 18 metres in length and dispose of a wide terrace as well as nice air mattress, hammocks (bow) and a huge couch (stern).
  3. Are there some shady places?
    Yes. On our couch you'll have the chance to relax a bit in the shadow. It is so comfortable that sometimes you even fall asleep on it...
  4. What about the lunch?
    Lunchtime represents the perfect occasion to live the boat-life actively. As our guest you will have the chance to learn how to clean the fish and how to cook it. How to catch sea urchins and much more. You will soon be part of the crew and recognize the boat as the best restaurant on the isle.
  5. Does we have the chance to swim in the sea?
    Yes, of course. The boat dispose of a gangway and stairs thanks to which you can jump into the water and get back on board.
  6. Is it possible to reach the beaches?
    Some beaches can be reached easily. You just have to swim a little bit.
  7. How many people will be on board?
    Not many. However, we dispose of two boats, which are big enough and really comfortable.
  8. What if I'm sea sick?
    You absolutely don't have to worry about that. We never sail for very long distances and always stop at wind-protected bays.
Boat excursions in Lampedusa