La Rosa dei Venti Club Lampedusa

Boat excursions in Lampedusa

A truly unforgettable holiday. La Rosa dei Venti Club offers a dream like stay and an exclusive treatment as well. Our special offer for you: rich breakfast buffet at the Club Hotel lampedusa and 6 boat excursions (from Monday to Friday – only for Club guests). The port can be reached easily by scooter or by car, which are at our guest’s disposal for their whole stay.

On board you will have the chance to taste fresh, local fish-dishes and refined delicacies: tasty appetizers made from row fish, roe, tuna, mackerel etc. wonderful main dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes and served with an exclusive selection of fine wines. As exquisitedessert we serve Cassata (a well known and renowned Sicilian cake), torta delizia, cannoli and of course, a glass of excellent Passito, a sweet dessert wine.

Last but not least fresh fruit and a coffee. (In case of bad weather conditions, we will serve a cold buffet at the Club).

When the Resort is fully booked, in addiction to the two boats, our guests will also have a wonderful 14 metre long boat at their complete disposal. As the other two, this one also dispose of nice and comfortable couches.

Sciallino 40 – Perfect for groups, couples and for all of them who are looking for exclusive comfort!

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