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Are you dreaming of an unforgettable holiday in Lampedusa? Then it’s time to make your dreams come true: La Rosa dei Venti Club offers the perfect accommodation. Discover this small island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a jewel between Africa and Italy.
The Strait of Sicily is waiting for you with coasts that are abundant in fish, turquoise water and sun so hot, as you can find it only in Africa.

Our Hotel is located in the heart of this unique island and offers its guests the possibility to discover Lampedusa in a very particular way.

Indeed, you will hardly find any other Hotel putting a boat at their guest’s disposal. We have a very special one for you, with which you can sail around the whole island: have a look at the northern part with its wonderful cliffs and grottos. The southern side instead will delight you with white beaches and breathtaking coves.

And don’t worry if the weather is bad sometimes. La Rosa die Venti Club also disposes of a wonderfulswimming pool, which will always turn your holiday in Lampedusa into an unforgettable stay.
There, where Africa meets the Italian Peninsula, in the heart of the Mediterranean and the Strait of Sicily and at the same time wonderfully surrounded by the blue sea. There is a little island calledLampedusa.
Their coasts are abundant in fish, the sea is crystal clear and the sun is hot. So hot, as it is only in Africa.
In fact, Lampedusa belongs to the continental plate.

With its 11 km in lenght and 3.5 km in width, the island is just 60 miles from Tunisia and 120 from Sicily away.

The southern coast is flat and fascinates through its white beaches and the extraordinary bays.
The northern coast instead features high peaks and cliffs. Don’t miss the beautiful boat-excursions. There are several caves that just wait to be discovered.

The history of Lampedusa

Lampedusa has been acting as base for different Mediterranean navigators (such as Romans, Greeks and Saracens). Today there are still different traces that testify of their presence. In 1843then, there has been a turning point: Ferdinand V, King of the Kingdom of two Sicilies, commissioned Bernardo Maria Sanvisente, to colonise the Island permanently.

In 1860, after the fall of the kingdom, the Pelagie Islands have been integrated to the Kingdom of Italy, while in 1968 the airport on the “Cavallo Bianco” hiss has been established. Lampedusa has been discovered from the touristic point of view, just after the year 1986, when the tragical rocket attack by Gheddafi took place.

The climate of Lampedusa

Due to the fact that the isle is located on the 35. parallel, summer is coming very early and lasts til autumn.
This is why we like it to say, that in Lampedusa, the most beautiful time of the year lasts a bit more then anywhere else.

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