Beaches and coves of Lampedusa

The wonders of Lampedusa!

Lampedusa island is wonderfully located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea and features 26 km of amazing coastlines with beautiful bays, beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Amongst the rocks and its by the wind shaped stacks, you will notice marvellous coves, beautiful bays but also stunning, white sand beaches and – of course – the gorgeous sea: get ready for limpid depths and shimmering waters. The northern coast of the island Lampedusa instead is characterized by steep headlands: stacks and cliffs standing out against the turquoise water. Such as the Punta Cappellone, a wonderful cliff that different types of fishes – from tunas to greater amberjacks – chose as their favourite hunting ground.

From here you really enjoy an excellent view and it is not rare to have the chance to see white breams, dentex, groupers, but also lobsters, moray eels as well as colourful sarpa salpas. Here you will also find Lampedusa’s famous coves, which are accessible only by boat and enriched by wonderful and mysterious caves.
On the southern side of the isle, the cliffs are getting lower and the coast’s skyline is more friendly. Coves often features wonderful white-sand beaches, which is a characteristic that makes Lampedusaone of the most beautiful places in the whole strait of Sicily. Due to their overwhelming beauty, some of Lampedusa’s beaches – including that of the Isola dei Conigli, where marine turtles are laying their eggs – have been declared world’s national heritage and have been put under protection through the realisation of the natural reserve called Isola di Lampedusa.

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