The International Airport of Lampedusa

Land and you're almost at sea!

On July 21st 2012 the newly established Lampedusa airport has been finalized and inaugurated – two months earlier than planned.
This is a very important and strategically relevant facility that will also help improving tourism on the island.

The construction costs of the new airport are around 16.7 million Euros and have been financed by the European Union with funds deriving from performance reserves assigned to Enac. From now on there will be much more flights connecting the island of Lampedusa to the mainland and this, in turn, will allow to host a lot more tourists.

Indeed, thanks to special charter flights and low cost flights we are also thinking about developing different holiday packages: special week-end and short stays solutions.

Lampedusa Hotels can now open up to new challenges and types of tourism, made difficult or rather impossible by the traditional sea transport.

However, also locals will benefit from the great advantages deriving from the easier connection to the mainland. In fact, Lampedusa will be much simpler to reach, even in case of bad weather.

The realisation of the new airport has been carried out by the Catanese construction company Sigenco and has been realized with materials and colours that perfectly fit into the traditional architectural landscape of the island. The airport’s shape recalls a ship.

At the airport passengers will have different day rooms and rest areas as well as a hall of over 1000 m² at their disposal.

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